Welcome to Bayswater Playgroup!

Are you looking for a great place to join a Playgroup?

Then Bayswater Playgroup welcomes you!

We are a volunteer run playgroup made up of local families. Our groups are informal, warm and friendly. We offer large air-conditioned facilities, a variety of session times available from Monday-Saturday, art and craft facilities, huge indoor and outdoor play areas and plenty of toys.

Groups meet every week during the school term. During school holidays our groups are welcome to continue to meet at playgroup if they wish. 
Bayswater Playgroup is an incorporated body, and a member of Playgroup WA and affiliated with Playgroup Australia, an Australian government initiative.

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Where are we?
2 Hudson street Bayswater, Room 2.
What do the fees cover?
Fees cover your family for the full, or remainder of, the calendar year (until end of January). 
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2024 fees cover playgroup attendance until end of January 2025!

Can I try it out before joining?
Yes, your first visit to a group is free! To register for a trial please complete our online form here

About Playgroup
Play is the key way children learn about the world they live in. They can try out ideas, practise skills, develop structures and rules and play as many different roles as their imagination will allow.

Playgroups provide an ideal environment for fostering children’s development through play.
Playgroup is for you to:
• play and learn together
• meet other parents/caregivers to share ideas, information and experiences
• develop new friendships
• create a support network with other playgroup members
• become part of your local community
• have fun together
Your children will:  
• have fun
• play with and among other children
• participate in new play experiences
• respond to other adults
• make local friends
• learn simple rules and routines
• learn more about their world
• increase their social and communication skills

Playgroups aim to enrich the lives of their members and the local communities in which they exist. Please fill in our enrolment form so you can join us today!